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The Burn Documentary is an episodic series that follows the introspective journey of 10 young artists as they explore how their artistry is affected and influenced by their faith, personal background, and growth over several months. BURN strives to capture their individuality as well as their evolution, and document the journey in a safe space that promotes perseverance and celebrates change.

BURN documentary is co-directed by Quaran Ahmad and Thandiwe Wilson.


Tour de Force provides support to artists and educators who are working to enrich and inspire the DMV community. We award monthly microgrants for artistic ideas that yield educational and/or social impact. We know that art has the power to excite, educate, and open doors, and we believe in helping to provide resources that will make these opportunities accessible. We use art to foster connections, enrich our community, and infuse our environment with beauty.

Check Out What Our Grantees Have Been Up To!

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